Privacy Policy

  1. The responsibility and management of the company’s customer personal data information is the duty of the president, Yukiteru Yanagisawa.
  2. Regarding the management of personal information, we will store the data in digital hardware without any external network connection, and strictly control and manage the personal information of customers. We will also set up passwords and import security software during each step of the operation to strictly prevent personal information external leakage and duplication.
  3. The customer information collected by the company will be appropriately protected and managed. Except as required by law or involving the protection of the company’s rights and property, we will never provide information to any third party.
  4. The company provides customers about useful service information related to the company by e-mail, and customers can also request to stop e-mail delivery services.
  5. In the case of confirming or modify the personal data, as long as request the application, we will make corrections within a reasonable range immediately.
  6. We obey all laws related to personal information and also reserve the right to revise and improve the regulations as mentioned above.
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