Hot Spring

Open-Air Bath with A Panorama Viewof Lake Suwa


Unisex Open-Air Bath, “Wata-Shizuku”

The open-air bath and Lake Suwa are united into one in a moment,
a fantastic infinite view in front of you.

From the open-air bath on the top floor, you can experience the infinite view of the combination of the open-air bath and Lake Suwa. For a more comfortable experience of the unisex bath, we provide special bathing suits, Unomi, for bathing. After changing the bathing suit, you can enjoy the unisex open-air bath with your important person. Besides, people can enjoy our drinks on the terrace. The unisex open-air bath is only open for our accommodate guests using. We hope you enjoy the unique experience during your stay.

*Free Wi-Fi is available on the top floor.

Img Unisex Open-Air Bath / Day View
Img Unisex Open-Air Bath / Day View
Img Unisex Open-Air Bath / Day View
Img Unisex Open-Air Bath / Night View
Img Unisex Open-Air Bath / Night View


  • For creating a space that guests can gather together for free and relaxing, the use of the open-air bath “Wata-Shizuku” is for unisex style.
  • Wear the “Yuamigi (bathing suit)” is required for every guest before entering the unisex open-air bath.
  • Free drinks are available(Some of the drink is for a charge)
  • Sedge hats are available for open-air bath use if it’s rain or snow.
  • Free Wi-Fi is available on the top floor.

Hygiene Management of the Public Bath

In order for our guests to use the hot springs safely, we manage the hygiene of the public bath by following the methods and cleaning frequency set by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare and the Public Health Center.


  • Recirculating bathtub (The water is completely changed at least once a week, and the bathtub is disinfected and cleaned.)
  • Filter
  • Chlorination equipment


  • Bathroom cleaning: Every day
  • Drain cleaning: Once a week
  • Chlorine disinfection: Every time when drain cleaning (always disinfected with a chlorinator to maintain the chlorine concentration)
  • Residual chlorine concentration measurement: Every day (adjusted from 0.4mg/L to 1.0mg/L or less for 2 hours or more a day)

In-Room Open-Air Bath

Ultimate enjoy of
an in-room open-air onsen
and with the spectacular view of Lake Suwa.

All 8 rooms are with an in-room open-air bath with panoramic views of Lake Suwa. Gaze out over the magical scenery of Lake Suwa while immersing yourself in the hot spring in-room. In addition, the winter is cold in the Lake Suwa area, but don’t worry, all rooms have heaters and windows with good insulation. Even in winter, people can enjoy their stay in the room with the private hot spring.

*We clean the guest room open-air bath every day. The coloring of the cypress bathtub is due to the ingredients of the hot spring. Please be assured that this is not a sanitary issue.

Img In-Room Open-Air Bath / Day View
Img In-Room Open-Air Bath / Day View
Img In-Room Open-Air Bath / Day View
Img In-Room Open-Air Bath / Night View
Img In-Room Open-Air Bath / Night View

Kamisuwa Onsen Nanatsugama spring

Source of Hot Spring
Nanatsugama mix spring (Mitsugama No.1/No.2 spring , Ayame spring, Yamagi-Nami mixed spring )
Site of Spring
2 Chome-208-90 Kogandori, Suwa, Nagano
Spring Water Quality
Simple Sulphur Springs (Mildly Alkaline ,Hypotonic, High Temperature)
The Origin of ”Nanatsugama”
Around the Showa 20th period (1945), Nanatsugama Spring appeared at the lake’s bottom nearby this area. In the cold winter, the whole Lake Suwa freezes, but there are 7 places in the lake where abundant hot springs gush out and do not freeze, so these 7 places are called Nanatsugama.

Caution of Bathing

General Contraindications of Hot Springs

The active period of the disease (especially fever happen), open tuberculosis, worsening malignant tumors, severe anemia, severe heart disease or lung disease that causes breathing difficulties when the body is weakened, severe liver disease that causes edema, gastrointestinal bleeding, bleeding, or acute exacerbation of chronic diseases.

Indications of Bathing

Recuperative Power of Hot Springs for Specific Illnesses

Chronic symptoms such as rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, low back pain, neuralgia, frozen shoulder, bruise, sprain. Excessive sensitivity to cold, peripheral circulation failure, gastrointestinal hypofunction, impartial glucose tolerance (Diabetes), dyslipidemia, autonomic instability, insomnia, depression, recovery from fatigue or illness, health promotion.

Indications of Spring Quality

Autonomic instability, insomnia, depression, atopic dermatitis, plaque psoriasis, chronic eczema, epidermal suppuration

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