Suwa Taisha 4 Shrines
Free Tour Bus

Our sister hotel, “Kamisuwa Onsen Shinyu” nearby, runs Suwa Taisha 4 Shrines Free Tour Bus, “Shinyu Go.”
The guide is the driver himself, who has abundant knowledge of the history of Suwa and Suwa Taisha shrines.
Also, there is an audio tour guide broadcasting on the bus while moving to the destination.
The tour will make your trip easier & deeper to experience four shrines and understand the Suwa area’s history.

Departure Time

Every day run 2 buses Morning 9:20 / Afternoon 13:20

All our overnight guests can take the free tour bus even before check-in and after check-out. Reservations are required in advance.

Suwa Taisha 4 Shrines Free Tour Bus

Time Table of Tour Bus

The departure point is at our sister hotel, “Kamisuwa Onsen Shinyu” nearby.
Before departure, our staff will guide guests to take the bus (only 1 min. walk)


Sister Hotel

9:20 dep. 13:20 dep.

Kamisuwa station

9:25 arr. / dep. 13:25 arr. / dep.

Kamisha Maemiya (front shrine)

9:45 arr. 20 mins.10:05 dep. 13:45 arr.20 mins.14:05 dep.

Kamisha Honmiya (main shrine)

10:10 arr.40 mins.10:50 dep. 14:10 arr.40 mins.14:50 dep.

Shimosha Harumiya (spring shrine)

11:20 arr.25 mins.11:45 dep. 15:20 arr.25 mins.13:45 dep.

Shimosha Akimiya (fall shrine)

11:50 arr.30 mins.12:20 dep. 15:50 arr.30 mins.16:20 arr.

Kamisuwa station

12:35 arr. / dep. 16:35 arr. / dep.

Sister Hotel

12:40 arr. 16:40 arr.
Sister HotelKamisuwa stationKamisha Maemiya (front shrine)Kamisha Honmiya (main shrine)Shimosha Harumiya (spring shrine)Shimosha Akimiya (fall shrine)Kamisuwa stationSister Hotel


9:20 dep. 9:25 arr. / dep. 9:25 arr. 20 mins.10:05 dep. 10:10 arr.40 mins.10:50 dep. 11:20 arr.25 mins.11:45 dep. 11:50 arr.30 mins.12:20 dep. 12:35 arr. / dep. 12:40 arr.


13:20 dep. 13:25 arr. / dep. 13:45 arr.20 mins.14:05 dep. 14:10 arr.40 mins.14:50 dep. 15:20 arr.25 mins.13:45 dep. 15:50 arr.30 mins.16:20 dep. 16:35 arr. / dep. 16:40 arr.

During the period from January 8 to February 29, 2024, afternoon flights on Mondays and Thursdays will follow a special route. (Excluding certain dates.)
For more details, please refer to this page.

Free tour bus service is only for our accommodated guests.
All buses will be canceled in case of the restricted traffic days below:
On 12/31, 1/1~3(new year), 7/21~8/1( Suwa Shrines Shimosha Event), 8/15(Suwa Lake Firework Festival), New Firework Festival, and any specified date.
The free tour bus may not be available some days due to maintenance. For more current information please contact us.

  • Img Suwa Taisha Honmiya (main shrine)

    Honmiya (main shrine) is full of mystery. Suwa Taisha Honmiya (main shrine)

    Among shrines in the center of Nagano prefecture, only the Honmiya shrine is located in the primeval forest. The back of Homiya is Mt. Moriya as the deity’s body. By located on the median tectonic line chasm (from Kantou to Kyushu) formed 80 million years ago , which is full of power, it brings the Honmiya shrine with a more mysterious atmosphere.

  • Img Suwa Taisha Maemiya (front shrine)

    Maemiya (front shrine) with still scenery Suwa Taisha Maemiya (front shrine)

    The Maemiya shrine is the only shrine with Honten (main hall). And surrounded by forest, remains its original nature; you can feel the amity quiet your spirit.

  • Img Suwa Taisha Akimiya (fall shrine)

    Protect the sanctuary from unsanctified environments Suwa Taisha Akimiya (fall shrine)

    Several treasures are in the Akimiya shrine. Japan’s biggest Komainu (lion-shaped guardian dog) for 1.7 meters made in bronze; Japan’s largest Shimenawa is the same size as the Izumi Taisha shrine; the Heihaiden (a hall of worship for priests) built-in 1781 was designated as Japan’s Important Culture Property. There is also a giant cedar tree more than 800 years old; it’s said that putting cedar leaves under your pillow will help you sleep well.

  • Img Suwa Taisha Harumiya (spring shrine)

    Sanctified your body by the stream Suwa Taisha Harumiya (spring shrine)

    Beside Harumiya is the Togawa stream, gathering to Suwa Lake. The stream has a tiny island with the Ukijima shrine; the island never sinks, even passing enormous flood. A cedar tree forks into two parts at the upper part but unites into one trunk at the lower part; there is a saying it can bring good fortune for matchmaking.

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